Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Day...

Today was Griffin's first travel game. For those who don't know, he plays "in house" Little League baseball during the week and on Saturdays. On Sundays he has an opportunity to play competitive games with a select group of kids from Four County Little League. His team is called the Four County Cannons.

Although the score did not reflect a "Win"...Griffin had a great time. He started at short stop and in the third inning was called in to pitch. He finished that inning and completed the forth inning as well. Griffin did not give up any runs during his first ever travel appearance. He then went back to playing shortstop. At the plate, the pitchers could not find his strike zone because he walked three times.

For some of the players on Griffin's team this was their very first competitive baseball game. In fact, prior to this some have never seen real pitching and or stealing. The kids did not get the "W", but the experience they gained is invaluable.

The Cannon's next game is in two weeks and you can track their progress by visiting their Team Website.

It is awesome enough to wake up everyday, but when you can wake up on the Lords day and spend a sunny afternoon with your family watching your son play...there is nothing better than that.

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