Thursday, December 17, 2009

Losing by 1 sucks...

Griffin played in an indoor hitting league these past few weeks. What started out as a way to get some extra at bats soon turned into a week to week friendly competition. Griffin, Sam and Jeremy all played together this past fall on my team and went into the hitting league as a team of three. The object is to hit ten hits per inning and get the most points by the end of the game. Each part of the tunnel is different points ranging from 0 if you hit the ceiling and 5 if you hit the machine. The first game Griffin and his team out hit their opponents 199 to 174. In addition, Griffin had the weekly high of 90 for the 9U division. Each week the kids battled back and forth. Going into Week 5 Griffin was 12 points behind the overall leader. At the end of week 5 Griffin was back on top for the overall points in his division.

Last night was his 6th and final game. I was unable to be there and Griffin said they won but overall did not do as well as in weeks past. He said they only got in 5 innings which meant he missed an entire 10 pitches. This morning I checked and saw they did indeed win their match up and Sam Watkins (From Brunswick LL) had the top overall score. I found out later that Griffin lost the top points position by 1 point. Think about more inning would have done the trick. It sucks to lose by 1.

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