Monday, January 12, 2009

Family of the Month November 2008

To my surprise our family was honored with the Knights of Columbus Family of the Month for November 2008. Don D’Valle, Grand Knight of St. Michael's Council 10525, gave us the plaque during Breakfast with Santa last month. Don had some very kind words to say to Maureen and I and I thank him. Below is the article that was posted in the Knights Pages.

Family of the Month is a Christian Model in several ways. That doesn’t mean perfect yet, but stepping in the right direction. Jim and Maureen Gill are victors in and with Our Lord. Restored to life within and without over the years, they “race toward the goal,” as Saint Paul put it. They are active catechists with pre-school, and 6th and 7th graders, for at least 6 years. Young children (8 years and 6 months) do not hold them back, they involve them! Summer middle school camps (3 years), work camps for Habitat for Humanity with 50 - 100 youth (2 years) - planning, organizing fund raisers, etc. - supervising youth sleep overs, car washes, 5K walks, March for Life organizing, and on and on. Six years Jim has worked in the Kitchen for the Parish Christmas Bazaar. He has coached Little League and umpired their games. Jim and Maureen involve their 8 year old son Griffin in religious education class and fund raisers. They (all three) are also hospitality ministers at Sunday Mass. Church, Youth, Community, Family and above all, love of Christ Jesus and His people, urges this family on. Thank you for being in our midst. May mighty blessings be upon you. Congratulations, our Family of the Month, Brother Knight Jim Gill with his precious wife Maureen and children Griffin, and Teaghan.

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