Friday, July 24, 2009

Out with a bang...

Well, the tournament is finally over. The FCLL Minor League All Stars competed in their final game last night. They took on Brunswick Little League Minors All Stars. After an hour delay to repair the field from severe rain earlier in the evening, the game began. The team didn't do bad and on some occasions the decision of the umpires could have gone either way which may not have changed the outcome, but would have made the game that much closer. After 4 innings of play, the game was suspended for lightning. Due to the fact that a serious storm was on the way and there were several flashes of lightning, the game was called. The final score...Brunswick LL 10, FCLL 1. Our kids did not win, but they gave their all. Looking back the kids did well facing two older more experienced teams. I think they learned alot and had a great time. We look forward to a break from baseball. At least for a month...then fall ball starts.

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